Future Jamboree

festival of innovative thought and practice exchange

connected to the theme of cities

15 - 17 OCTOBER 2016, WROCLAW


We invite you to co-create an ambitious festival of innovative thought and practice exchange connected to the theme of cities. We are acting with a goal to bring inspiring change-makers, innovators and activists from all over the world to Wroclaw, so they can exchange their experiences in struggles for urban development that is just and promotes social inclusion.

It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the public administration, NGO, a politician, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or constitute a part of an informal group. What matters is that you have experience and stories to share about creating just and inclusive city. We would like Future Jamboree to become a platform on which people exchange not only ideas but also specific models of organizational efforts, tools, strategies and designs to make their cities a better place. Jamboree wants to be a gathering of those who make change happen on micro, mezzo, or macro level in their cities.

Future Jamboree In a Nutshell

Transforming Cities Through 3-days of Inspirations

All this happens in the city of Wroclaw in South-Western Poland this Fall. It is no coincidence – Wroclaw was chosen to be 2016 European Capital of Culture and it is a great example of a city that can lift itself from ruins. World War II didn’t leave this city untouched, and yet 50 years later the city is experimenting
with all sorts of development models and proving that positive change is possible. Surely, there is more to be done. And this is exactly why Wroclaw invites change-makers, activists and innovators so they share their knowledge and experiences.

The idea is simple – we gather 100 change makers, activists and innovation leaders who are passionate about transforming this world’s cities to make them better for their inhabitants. We invite people from all continents. Those for whom ideas like “inclusive growth” and “just development” are important – and those who try to implement those ideas through action. We give space, time, food and facilitate the discussions so they talk to each other for hours. We provide a brief context and themes for the conversations. We participate, we talk, we listen, we stimulate! We write a book summarizing the whole experience and we publish it!